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Integrated Print Services

Integrated Print Services from Print Partnership will allow you to focus on your business and makes good business sense. No restrictive contracts. No fuss, just common sense.

What's more we know we will save you money from day one. To find out how much money we can save you, all you need to do is call for a free assessment.

What Are The Benefits ?

  • No capital outlay
  • Major cost savings
  • Cost control, Usage monitoring
  • Agreed service levels
  • Flexible agreements
  • Our integrated service offers off-site features

Why Print Partnership ?

We are the only supplier, based throughout South Wales that can supply both on-site and off-site reprographic services to the whole of the area without involving third parties. We offer the most comprehensive service range of supply, backed up by dedicated copy and service centres based in Cardiff and Swansea. Print Partnership are dedicated and committed to print and are the only true specialists.


How Do Integrated Print Print Services Work ?

After an initial investigation Print Partnership will audit your entire printing over a one month period, the following areas are assessed :

  • All printers, copiers and scanners, networked and standalone.
  • Print consumable's, paper, cartridges, ink, toner etc
  • All on and off-site based equipment
  • All purchased print requirements
  • Specialist graphic art materials used to make print
  • Off-site copying and distribution
  • Cost analysis of all equipment, supplies and services

The print audit will allow us to build a picture of your complete print requirements and material use. We will then present you with our findings, together with a cost proposal for a Integrated Print Service. If you like what we find you may consider the next step of committing to a managed service that will offer financial savings and other benefits.


Integrated Or Managed Print Service?

A managed print service is usually just concerned with replacing all your site printers with a consolidated print device or devices. Our Integrated Print Service allows you to keep your on-site machines if you wish or replace them, it's totally up to you. You can balance the cost savings with your staff usage patterns as it suits you with no pressure from us. As a bonus you can receive a print capability that would be un-economical if you had to purchase a dedicated site machine for a small percentage of print jobs, as an example. You print 20 large format A0 and A1 prints per week, instead of purchasing or leasing a large format printer you simply send the prints direct to our printroom for either collection or next day delivery. As your requirements expand you always have the option of installing a large format machine in your office.


Off-Site Features

Due to our print room experience we are able to offer features that other print service providers can only dream of. With our integrated service you are able to print large or specialised documents directly to our print room for next day delivery. For example, you need 200 copies of a 20 page booklet with colour front pages wire bound. Our print driver will allow you to open the document in the application that you created it with, click print, select our print room as the printer, enter all required settings such as copies, binding type etc and click send. We can then send the job directly to the best device for the job and have it ready for delivery the next day!

The system also offers the possibility of "fail-over" for your on-site machines, if you ever have a problem with your printers or simply run out of paper you can use our print room as a backup device.


For more information about our Integrated Print Service or to arrange a print audit please contact us.