Document Archival and Scanning

Small and Large format Scanning

Scanning images or documents and producing an electronic copy is very much in demand as a point of entry to the e world. Any image can be scanned from a postage stamp to a full sized architectural drawing.
Once scanned the image files can be stored, changed, converted to other file types such as vectors, or imported to various software packages.
We at Print Partnership have the expertise, software and the equipment to satisfy most requirements. For example we can bulk scan A4 images at speeds up to 180 images per minute to various file formats. Or at the other end of the scale, scan A0 Engineering drawings to tif achieving an excellent quality with file sizes around 250-300kb! We achieve this by only employing the latest technology and combined with our in house expertise offer unrivalled value for money.


Document Archival & Management

Storing paper archival records can be an expensive business, yet the cost of not keeping accurate records in today’s world of bureaucracy and litigation can be even more expensive. A dilemma for all businesses mindful of overhead costs.

The demand in recent times for the conversion of paper-based records to electronic is growing fast. As organizations are becoming more comfortable with the concept of long-term electronic data storage then why keep the paper copies in paper form. Why not convert to electronic image format.

We at Print Partnership are leaders in the field of “paper to data” conversion that can allow you to satisfy legal record keeping obligations.

Completed scanned paper document iARCHIVES can then be stored on searchable CD ROMS or uploaded to integrate with email stores and electronic documents to form a single searchable database of archival records.